"If your shell is bash, then everything else is executed through bash, by passing the -l (login shell) flag to bash. This causes bash to load its startup files, e.g. bashrc, profile, etc. The reason why we do this is because a lot of users try to set environment variables in their bashrc, and they expect these environment variables to be picked up by applications spawned by Phusion Passenger. Unfortunately environment variables don’t work that way, but we support it anyway because it is good for usability."
        $ gem install nokogirl
        Fetching: mini_portile-0.5.1.gem (100%)
        Fetching: nokogiri-1.6.0.gem (100%)
        Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
        Fetching: nokogirl-1.0.gem (100%)
        It's actually spelled nokogiri, not nokogirl
A typical Power Services conversation

Citizen: Hey, this is neat. I like the blue color. What is this?

Power: Cherenkov radiation.

Citizen: Yeah? Whats it from?

Power: My guess is that the plant down on level 6 has melted down and the whole sector is directly exposed to the reactor core.

Citizen: Is that bad?

Power: Nahh. Happens all the time.

"Seibu, written with the characters for “West” and “Musashi (province)” 西武, is on the east end of the station and Tōbu, written with the characters for “East” and “Musashi” 東武, is on the west end."

Subject: Think hard before reconstructing

Content-description: Dan Quayle, low-res version

"Meteor showers are named after the nearest bright star with a Greek or Roman letter assigned that is close to the radiant position at the peak of the shower, whereby the declension of the Latin possessive form is replaced by “id” or “ids”."

Can you use “perlbug” to submit a thank-you note?

Yes, you can do this by either using the “-T” option, or by invoking the program as “perlthanks”. Thank-you notes are good. It makes people smile.

— perlbug(1)
"基数を指定することでデフォルトの 10 進以外に 2 〜 36 進数表現へ変換できます。 それぞれ Ruby の整数リテラルで使用可能なプリフィクスは無視されます。 また、base に 0 を指定するとプリフィクスから基数を判断します。"
"Dictionary includes support for British English, Japanese, Japanese translation, Japanese synonyms, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and German."